Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All is good around here

Not much new to report in the E. household. I am still just moving along doing the stay at home mom thing while I finish up school and hope that my knee starts to get better. I seriously CANNOT wait to go back to work someday! Arg - I gotta say that being a stay-at-home-mom is way harder than I ever thought it would be! Kudos to all you SATM's for being way better at looking after EVERYTHING than I ever could be. My house is never clean, meals rarely made and I am just a mess after being at home for a few hours by myself. Ok work - please happen so I can have some adult human contact!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Now that's a CHANGE for the better!!

All I can say is Wow! Yeah that is me 2 weeks before I made my decision to have weight loss surgery and then 5 months Post-op. Amazing and I feel fantastic too! I love my sleeve and WLF!! :)

What a neglectful blogger I am ...

Yeah - I have been bad and have not been here in FOREVER!!

I'm sorry :(

Life has been all kinds of crazy lately and I have no time and no energy at the end of each day for anything else. I also feel a bit (ok a lot) forgetful and I just seem to forget to do things - there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day!!

I am now working with a new company, not in nursing and this has been a big change for me. I still have my position at the hospital but because of my knee injury from last year, I have not been able to return to work yet. So what's the new digs you ask ... well it's with the company that I had my surgery though. Weight Loss Forever.

I am in love.

I love the direction it is moving me in. I am right now just testing out the waters and I find them to be my liking ... lots!!

I think this is what I meant to do with my life. I get to change people's lives. That is the just of it. I tell people about my experience, and then I answer questions and talk with them, and help them though the same life changing as I had 7 months ago ...

Oh yeah that - you are probably wondering how that has been:

Highest weight: 205
Starting weight: 198
Operation date weight: 185
Current weight: 143

Yeah you read correctly - I am only 3 lbs away from a healthy 'normal' body weight after only 7 months. I am no longer hypertensive and I don't have high cholesterol anymore. It has completely changed my life!!

Like I said earlier though - I have no time. And my time is up for tonight but I did want to pop in and say hi and I will be back sooner rather than later!!