Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bad luck Charlie

"If it weren't for bad luck - I really wouldn't have any luck at all." This statement has been true my entire life.

I just plain old have the worst luck. For example: I always say "if there were a million of one thing on the shelf and 999 999 of them were good and 1 was broken - I would get the broken one". Well that pretty much came true when my last iPhone kept dropping calls. Finally I called Rogers and they proceeded to tell me that the problem with my phone happens one in a million times - yup, just my luck.

Well once again this happens. All I wanted to do was buy a humidifier for my baby cause of his stuffy sinuses (gets it from his dad). So I go to 5 different places and finally pick out a basic one that I didn't really want, but hey - it's just a humidifier. I look through all the boxes and I grab one towards the back of the shelf. Package still looks good - doesn't look opened or dropped or anything like that. I get it home. Open it. Still looks good. Fill water - no leaks. Plug it in - turns on. I wait - no mist. Damn.

P.S. I returned it and got the one that I originally wanted - it works like a charm.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry belated Christmas

It's been crazy busy around here with the holidays and Scott has also been home for an extended long weekend so it's been difficult to update. We had a great Christmas. I'm running on a lot less sleep than usual and that has taken it's toll on me but I think that I'm managing well enough. I'm trying not to be too cranky.

Daxon's first Christmas was fun. We went to the in-laws on Christmas eve (and day and boxing day), and ate and ate and ate. It was great. I really do enjoy going there even though I still think that they don't really like me all that much (except the fact that I'm a baby making machine. They're already talking about our next baby and Dax is only 2 months old). They also spoil us every Christmas. It's fun. I don't remember even being spoiled as an adult so I think its super.

Christmas morning Dax woke us all up nice and early so we opened our gifts (we really don't do much for each other as we do the boxing day shopping instead). I did get a deep fryer though which I really wanted and I got Scott a beer making kit and a root beer making kit. They looked pretty neat and I'm really hoping to get him interested in some sort of hobby (other than watching sports). Kaylee was happy with her haul and Dax sat quietly in his wicker laundry basket stuffed with blankets and watched. I got some great pictures and have many happy memories. Scott then went back to bed (remember the happy memories - well there goes that out the window - lol) and I spent the rest of the morning trying to prepare everything for our day trip to my parents house. After he finally got up and showered and then had to listen to me b*tch about him not helping out we were off. I can probably count on one hand how often Scott has been to see my family - I really think it's one sided most of the time (but that's another post all together). We had a good lunch there, got to see everyone and headed back early because I was starting to feel sick and didn't want to travel in the dark. Kaylee stayed behind and is spending a few days with her grandparents. It'll be nice to get a bit of a break.

I got my new to me and old to me (used to be mine until I gave it to my dad and now got it back) van. My little car was ... well just that - little. This is much better - I have way more room. It's old but it will do until I go back to work. Then I get the next new car as Scott got the last one. I can't wait.

Boxing day was good and we went out fairly early. There wasn't much we wanted but we looked around a bit and tried to get through all the stores with the stroller but that didn't work
too well. We gave up after getting new dishes and went home to relax. I had a great nap.

Daxon has been feeling much better lately. He's actually been fun to be around and is starting to give away those precious smiles more often. That, I think, has been the best part about this Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bad day

My last few posts are all chipper about my darling daughter, adorable son and wonderful husband, well ... Blah, blah blah! Today is a bad day and I've had a few of these since my "adorable" son came to be. I know that I probably am getting all that I deserve since I was pretty bad in my younger years but I figured that since I turned my life around that it should count for something.
Christmas is in just a few days and I have nothing under the tree. It's so sad. Kaylee, Dax and I just got back from our little outing. It was suppose to be us going to see dad at work, then lunch, a little Christmas shopping at Costco and then the mall where I could wrap up my shopping for everyone except Kaylee (since she was with me) and photos with Santa. Well we did fine up until lunch. Just when my lunch arrived, Dax decided that it was time for him to start screaming. He didn't even open his eyes to figure out the situation first - he just started screaming. So I went for the bottle. He still screamed and screamed and screamed. We had to leave. It was embarrassing.
Yes ... I have that baby. The one who cries all the time. It makes me so sad. I just want to enjoy my baby. But I can't. I do my best everyday not to hate him. It's not his fault. We don't know what the problem is. We've tried gripe water, oval drops, 0-9 colic, Bio Gaia drops, lactose free milk and every kind of hold you can think of other than upside down. I don't get it. He is just not happy. He's 2 months old already and still doesn't really smile. All I can figure is that he feels he just doesn't have anything to be happy about. I can't go anywhere with him because if he wakes up - he cries unless he is entertained constantly and even that most of the time doesn't help. I just wish we could figure it out. Last 2 steps are treatment for acid reflux and hypoallergenic milk (which is about $80 a week but totally worth every penny if it works). I'm sad though that no matter if it does work I can't get this time back with my son.
My daughter is another issue. I don't know if it's because of the new baby or her becoming a pre-teen but she's horrible at times. She is so mouthy and just does not listen at all. I really don't know how much more I can handle.
My husband, well ... He tries ... I think. I love him dearly but I've changed everything for him and I really think that he has taken advantage. We don't go out, we hardly ever do anything outside unless it's shovel the drive and walkway and I'm bored. I don't want to look back on my life when it's done and say ... Wow - what a boring, uneventful, non-fun life I lived. I sometimes resent the fact that he is so content just sitting there in front of the tv just watching without a care in the world. I want to do something-anything!!!! Please!!!!
Well that's it. It really has been a bad day. God I hope tomorrow is better.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting started

Starting this blog and getting it interesting is going to be more work than I thought. I'm sitting here on the floor right now with my baby. He's a little cutie pie - however I am fairly bias. He's 2 months old today. I cannot believe how fast time flies. I thought my pregnancy was never going to end and now ... Well I can hardly keep up.
I thought maybe I'd start with a little background ...
I'm Jenn, I'm 30 ... something (lol - not telling my age) years old. I'm a wife to my dear husband Scott and most importantly I'm a mom to my darling (at times) daughter Kaylee who's 8 years old and my adorable son Daxon.
I've had what I consider to be a fairly interesting life so far but really don't want to get into all that too much right now as some of it is quite disturbing (to me anyway) and will bring it up as I go or it becomes relevant to my life right now.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Never wanting to blog

I have several blogs that I read every (or almost) day. I am addicted to reading about other peoples lives. However - I never wanted to have my own because some the blogs that I read belong to women who have had some sort of terrible happen to them (heart baby, baby/pregnancy loss, or preemie) and feel that if I start a blog something terrible is going to happen to me or my family. So I really hope that I am not jinxing myself here.
I am going to use this blog as a way to let things off my chest and open my world to not holding everything in. I want to know how it feels to open up completely to other people. I hope this is going to be a good thing. I have seen in the blogs that I read how having others read your thoughts can have a therapeutic quality to it. That's what I'm hoping for here.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Post

Wow - never thought I would create my own blog but love to read others and thought this would be a great way to get things off my chest while documenting my ever changing life with a newborn, an 8 year old and a 32 year old wannabe child. Today is a busy day. Not really the best day to start my own blog but really - I don't know if I will ever have a non busy day again.
I will do some catch up on a future post about my life, my dear husband (who I'm crazy I'm love with) and my wonderful children (my 8 week old son & 8 year old pre-preteen daughter).