Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting started

Starting this blog and getting it interesting is going to be more work than I thought. I'm sitting here on the floor right now with my baby. He's a little cutie pie - however I am fairly bias. He's 2 months old today. I cannot believe how fast time flies. I thought my pregnancy was never going to end and now ... Well I can hardly keep up.
I thought maybe I'd start with a little background ...
I'm Jenn, I'm 30 ... something (lol - not telling my age) years old. I'm a wife to my dear husband Scott and most importantly I'm a mom to my darling (at times) daughter Kaylee who's 8 years old and my adorable son Daxon.
I've had what I consider to be a fairly interesting life so far but really don't want to get into all that too much right now as some of it is quite disturbing (to me anyway) and will bring it up as I go or it becomes relevant to my life right now.

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