Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bad luck Charlie

"If it weren't for bad luck - I really wouldn't have any luck at all." This statement has been true my entire life.

I just plain old have the worst luck. For example: I always say "if there were a million of one thing on the shelf and 999 999 of them were good and 1 was broken - I would get the broken one". Well that pretty much came true when my last iPhone kept dropping calls. Finally I called Rogers and they proceeded to tell me that the problem with my phone happens one in a million times - yup, just my luck.

Well once again this happens. All I wanted to do was buy a humidifier for my baby cause of his stuffy sinuses (gets it from his dad). So I go to 5 different places and finally pick out a basic one that I didn't really want, but hey - it's just a humidifier. I look through all the boxes and I grab one towards the back of the shelf. Package still looks good - doesn't look opened or dropped or anything like that. I get it home. Open it. Still looks good. Fill water - no leaks. Plug it in - turns on. I wait - no mist. Damn.

P.S. I returned it and got the one that I originally wanted - it works like a charm.

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