Saturday, September 1, 2012

7 weeks post-op

Alright so I've been neglecting my blog here ... I know. Sorry. I have had a lot going on though, so that is my excuse ... and I'm sticking to it!! In my defense, I did have knee surgery 2 days ago and while that doesn't really excuse anything - it is the big story in my life at the moment.

Weight loss wise I am progressively loosing weight - which is a good thing, just not really at the pace that I would like to be loosing. However; I am mostly at fault in this aspect as I am not a very good "dieter". That is why I failed at every single diet I ever tried. But I am still loosing and that is what makes this so much better for me. So here are the numbers ... (In the next few days I will post some pictures to back up my claims to weight loss).

As of today I am at 164 lbs!!! That is a total weight loss of 34 lbs since I started my pre-op diet and 21 lbs since July 10th (surgery date). Not too shabby - only 34 lbs to go until my goal weight. WOOOHOOO!!!!

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