Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still here

But really busy. It's no excuse really but I'm going to use it anyway. That's life with a baby and a tween.

March madness is on and I LOVE it. Not that I'm a huge basketball fan or anything (I actually never watch it other than in march). I love it because of all the contests to enter. I'm currently in 4 of them. I'm not a huge sports fan but my husband has realized that I have a great competitive spirit so he has me enter all the sports fantasy pools and contests and then I will watch the games to see how I'm doing. I usually do better than him so I like it. Lol.

Update on the online poker - my beginners lucky streak has ended and I'm now on the negative side of my $10 deposit. :0( Soon to be no more online poker for me. Hope my luck changes soon - or I get better at playing.

Kaylee is seeing a bunch of councellors and such. She's also taking her new meds twice a day now so hopefully things will start to look up for her soon.

Daxon has good days and bad days. His good days are mostly on the weekends when Scott is home so he thinks that I'm nuts when I say that Dax is crying for hours on end. Lol. Isn't that just typical. Today is a good day though. We had baby talk time at the library this morning and he's starting to get used to it and like it (I think). I like the interaction with the ore moms and babies. He's also starting to sprout an eye tooth. I thought babies were suppose to grow the bottom front ones first but my babe has never done anything normally so this doesn't surprise me at all.

I'm tired but I don't think that's anything new for me. I do think it's nap time though. Ninight.

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