Friday, September 16, 2011

Arg ... This sucks!!

I'm sick :0(

I have a nasty flu. Sore throat, itchy nose, eyes and ears, chills and so on .... So, that means that I should have stayed home and rested - right?? Nope ... not me. I guess I'm a trooper - or at least my husband thinks so. We left the house today at 9:30 and "shopped" or "gallivanted" all day long. We didn't get home until 5:00. Real good resting day for my cold.

It was a great day though other than the sick part. We did some shopping, went out for a nice lunch (where I followed my diet well) and then got some awesome deals at the blockbuster movie stores that are going out of business. It was great. I always love a good bargain.

Diet is going good. I did cheat a bit tonight (bad me) as I had a scoop of ice cream after dinner. Hopefully it won't show in my weigh in tomorrow (but with my luck it will). Guess we'll know soon enough ....

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