Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Going to be 1 soon ...

... and I cannot wait. I have his invitations all made and they're soooo cute!! Here's the front picture
The finished card says "This little monster is turning one" on the front and then inside it says "Come watch the destruction" and the birthday info. This is also his Halloween costume. Gotta love Costco.

I'm making his cake and all the treats. He has a few little friends coming and the rest are family. I think it's going to be pretty fun.

Another exciting side dish to this post .... I think I'm going to PARIS in a few weeks. OMG!!! Scott has a business trip there and there's no way he's going without me - LOL! I really just have to come up with the flight and spending money. YAY!!!!

And lastly - I'm back to work tomorrow. Maternity leave is officially over and it's time to go back to the grind. Blah! But oh well. The wage difference between me working and me being on EI is huge so it will be nice come payday.

Well that's it for my all over the place post today.

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