Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The 32 year old with a cane

That'll be me. I injured my knee at work a few weeks back and it's so painful.

I was bathing a patient at the bedside and I must have dropped some water on the floor. After I was done, I leaned over her to pull up the blankets and I slipped on the water. My right foot slipped out from under me and my left knee twisted and hyperextended. Instant pain and no weight bearing capabilities. Went straight to the ER at work and was told to go home and no work for a week. Went to my regular doctor and was taken off work for 2 more weeks and told to go to physiotherapy. Started physio and he thinks that's it cartilage damage along with some tears under the kneecap. It is so painful.

Now it's looking like surgery may be in my future.

Today though - I have to go get a cane to help me walk. I'm gonna look like an idiot. Not looking forward to it one bit. Maybe I can find a pink one .... I'll post a pick when I get one.

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