Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting back to "normal"

We're starting to get back to what our version of normal was/is. Dax is feeling much better now however he's still not sleeping very good at night. Yesterday was a really good day for him. He was happy and playing most of the day. He's really starting to interact with his toys and the world around him. I bought him a few new toys yesterday and he loves them. I also bought him a Sophie the Giraffe teething toy (looks and feels just like a dog's chew toy). I've heard that it's a must for a teething baby. I was apprehensive to buy him one because of some reviews that says that Sophie is a choking hazard and I'm not one to buy something just because "everyones" got one. In the end it was an asparagus spear that made the decision for me. LoL. Scott's mom made some asparagus on Sunday and we gave him a spear to chew on. It was so cute. He went a little crazy on it and I had a really hard time getting it away from him. I wish we would have taken a video of it because it was priceless. But getting back to Sophie ... the asparagus spear and Sophie's legs are about the same size. So I took a bit of a gamble and spent the 21.99 (outrageous amount for a chew toy) to see if it would do the trick. Jury's still out ...

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