Wednesday, April 20, 2011


As a nurse, I'm used to the sleepless nights, long hours, and absolute exhaustion. It's odd though that the sleeplessness that you get from parenting is so much different and seemingly, so much worst. Maybe it's the fact that you can be sleeping but aren't that makes the difference, or that you are sitting there in the dark wishing that your baby would just suck on that soother and fall back asleep, or maybe it's the jealousy of listening to your husband snoring away in the next room that makes it so bad. It's probably all of it ... plus more. Dax is a bad sleeper. I'm not sure why. He used to be great and then the infamous 4 month sleep regression occurred and that's history. It really sucks! I love my sleep!! Even napping for the little bugger (said with all the love in the world) is touch and go. He will not nap for more than 30 minutes unless it's in his swing and I hate that. I've been trying to put him in his crib for all his naps but I really need a break and I cave every time. Someday (soon) I will just have to go for it and put my foot down when it comes to his sleep ... those bad habits are not going to fix themselves.

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