Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I guess I should have updated after my last post. The surgery went fine and Scott has been nice and whiny (LOL) ever since. Really though - I'm pretty happy about the whole outcome. He's just about healed and seems to be dealing with the pain a bit better now.

Dax on the other hand, is so sore and cranky. Those darned teeth haven't come through yet so that is bothering him. He has a really bad cough too. He cough, then chokes and then panics because he can't breathe. It sucks. And then on top of all that - he had his 4 month immunizations today. Poor boy :0(  He cried so hard. Breaks my heart. He's 15lb, 12oz  and I forgot to ask how long he is now. I think it's on my sheet upstairs.

Here's my boys favorite chew toy!

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