Thursday, April 7, 2011

Medical day

We're back home now after a fairly eventful morning. At 4am Dax was pretty sick. He was wheezing badly and it took me a while to get him back to sleep but we managed it. Middle of the night trip to the ER - avoided! After getting up several times to give him his soother between 5-6, I gave in and brought him down and let him sleep in the swing. We all got up and dressed and just as I was about to drive Kaylee to school and Dax to the doctor my dad called and said that my uncle was very sick and they didn't expect him to live long.

Change of plans - Hopped in the car to the doctor's office where it has been decided for now that Dax has an ear and throat infection plus either bronchitis or pneumonia. Poor boy. I've never seen him like this and it still scares me to watch him struggle to breathe. I don't know why they say it's ok to immunize your children as long as they don't have a fever. The doctor today was a newer grad from South Africa and he shook his head and said that he doesn't understand why they would trigger an artificial immune response (immunization) when the immune system is already busy with something else (in this case upper respiratory/ear/throat infection). Makes sense - lesson learned! Will NEVER do that again.

Then all 3 of us were off to the hospital to say hi (and most likely goodbye) to our sweet uncle. He's 87 years old and just the nicest man you could ever know. He's on the unit that I work on. It's kinda nice to be able to go there and know that the nurses looking after him are great. I miss work sometimes and it's refreshing to pop in once in a while (plus it's nice to know that I'm still loved and missed at work). We visited for a while and I helped get him all cosy and comfy then it was time to bring Kaylee to school. I guess after I helped reposition him, and rub his back, legs and feet with lotion, he feel asleep for a few hours. He looked so uncomfortable that I'm glad I was able to help him feel better even for just a short while. My parents are still there and I haven't heard anything so he must still be hanging on. It's so very sad to see him suffer so much after such a long and wonderful life ... "Go be with Aunty Eddie and all the angels - I believe their ready for you ... Love you so much!"

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