Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I hate these days. The ones where I have to bring in my perfectly healthy child (ok - in this case he had a cough - but that's it) and inject them with painful, burning, gross viruses. Isn't that what we try to protect them from - viruses? And then we take them in and put them directly into their bodies. I know, I know, it's the right thing to do. It will keep them safe from the nasty bugs that are way worst than the couple days of fever and unhappiness that goes with the shots. It still sucks! I know he will be ok and actually better off in the long run but for right now he is miserable. He has a fever and a bad cough. Not sure if the fever is from the cough or the shots and I guess we will never know. Only thing to do is to hug, cuddle and give lots of tylenol and motrin. He was up every 45-60 mins last night so that makes me miserable too. Fun stuff!!

Before we went for the needles I needed to go to Costco to get a few things. LOL! Yeah right ... a few things ....

I almost lost him in all the groceries. I had quite a few people comment on the baby hiding in the cart. He's just too darned cute!!

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  1. Aw, I hope he's doing better? Btw, veggie stix are awesome! Our family devours them. :) Great picture!