Sunday, February 20, 2011

4 Months

Wow, I cannot believe that my little guy is already 4 months old! I has been a heck of a ride so far but hopefully things will start settling down now. He has his 4 month well baby checkup on the 1st so I won't have all numbers until then but I'm guessing he is about 15 lbs already. Doesn't matter though cause I know he's a chunker just by those super big chipmunk cheeks of his ...
From the picture above you can also see he has rosy red cheeks too. He is in full fledged teething mode right now. I can just start to see the first tooth popping through on the bottom of his mouth. The whole thing was looking bad. He was so cranky. We had a photographer come to our house to take pictures and he ended up having to leave without finishing the shoot because Dax just wouldn't stop crying. It was pretty horrible! So last week I went and bought him a hazelwood necklace. It's so cute. My little guy looks so handsome in it.

Not only is it super stylish it's also very effective (in my opinion anyway - Scott isn't as convinced as I am). Since about 2 days after I put this necklace on him he is a completely different baby. Even my in-laws noticed the difference right away. It's amazing! He is now a happy baby! Yay! I always wanted a happy baby and now I've got one! He plays and smiles all the time. He's teething ... and is still smiling. Can you say MIRACLE!

In the past few weeks we've tried a few times to give him some food but it was pretty disasterous and he never ended up swallowing any of it. Made a good mess though and just looked at us like we were nuts! We got a few laughs out of it.

Ahhh, Gross!!

Yesterday ... on the eve of the epic 4 month birthday (the very minimum that "everyone" says it's socially acceptable to feed your baby solid foods) he actually swallowed the rice cereal and LOVED it!

Mmmmm ... he hardly even made a mess!

And he ate it all

Dax is getting to be such a big boy. He is really starting to play and interact with the world around him. While he is still too little for his excersaucer and absolutely hates the bumbo chair, he loves his jumparoo!

Not only am I feeding him solids when most people think it's too early ... I also let him watch TV, and he loves it! Every morning we watch Busytown Mysteries on CBC, then we watch Lets Make a Deal and the Price is Right. He likes this but his real TV love is watching hockey and football with Dad (or really anything as long as Dad is right there).

Like father ... like son ....

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