Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baptism weekend

I think my expectations of myself and my family are a little too high....
We had a pretty good weekend and I'm now exhausted. On Friday I made lasagnas for supper after the baptism. I made my own noodles and all. Normally it takes me about a half hour to make a batch of noodles and since I made 2 it should have taken me about an hour. Add about an hour for the sauce and then assembly - that equals about 2 hours. Now add in a cranky teething baby = 6 hours to make 2 lasagnas. Crappy! My parents showed up about half way through my ordeal. I thought maybe they would help ... nope. They came in, brought their stuff for the weekend and then left for the hospital. I'm not real upset about this though because my mom is really worried about her brother (more about that later...). Scott was going to try to come home after lunch but he wasn't able to. In the end I was pretty tired and it was a pretty rough start to my weekend.

Saturday, Dax slept until 8:30 which was a god sent and then Scott said that I could sleep in some more. Sooo nice except the fact that Dax started screaming when Scott was changing his diaper and there was no way I could sleep through that (I didn't know why he was screaming). Oh well it was a nice gesture. We spent the day getting everything ready and then went over to his parents' house. Mass was at 5pm and we were suppose to be there about a half hour early. So we were at the IL's house and Scott, of course, was playing on the new 3D TV and waited until the last minute to get ready. Then I had to get Dax and Kaylee ready to go. It was pretty hectic.

We finally got there (late as always). They went through everything that was going to happen. I asked Scott's brother and sister in law (godparents) to be there a bit early so that they had an idea what to expect also. Of course everyone was late and only showed up a few minutes before it was time for mass to start (Scott's grandma and aunt and uncle never did make it at all). No one had an idea what to do. Then Dax started to fuss ... then cry ... and then at one point scream during mass. Father Lawrence even used Dax during his homily because of the fuss he was making. I was so embarrassed. Scott's Dad took picture for me (they ended up really nice) and Curt took a quick video of the baptism itself.  You can tell that no one knew what was going on. Then after the mass was over I wanted pictures. Everyone was getting ready to leave. I just wanted pictures. So I had to be pushy and bossy and pretty much had to make everyone stay so that I could get pictures of my son at his baptism. Sucks - but I got them.
In the end my son got baptised and that is all I really wanted.

We went back to my IL's for supper and it was all really good. We had the lasagnas and salads that I made, plus a ham and dumplings that Scott's parents made. Lloyd (Scott's dad) made a bunch of homemade pies. They were so good! My favorite is the chocolate pie. Mmmmm! Dax was so tired after all this. He was so grumpy. I managed to get just a few more pictures with his other grandma and aunt and uncle. I put him to bed on the spare bed and he fell right asleep. He was having such a good sleep. We stayed and played some games until about midnight. I was so scared to move Dax when it was time to go. I put him in the car seat and he only fussed for a minute then went right back to sleep. When we got home and I put him to bed, he fussed for about a half hour and then slept until 7am. It was such a relief. I just wish I would sleep better. I'm so overtired lately. It makes everything so much harder to handle.

Ok - enough with the play by play. That's getting pretty boring. In all it was a good weekend but all the little things that went wrong just about drove me nuts. I hate how everything with Scott's family is last minute or that they are always late. It drives me nuts!

Side notes -
-I'm gonna be an auntie again! Yay! Scott's brother and sister in law (Kelly and Alex) are pregnant. Due in October! Our babies will only be a year apart. That will be fun!
-I think my nephew Jason is home now. They were suppose to be release on Friday but I haven't heard anything. I assume they are at home now.
-My kids are cute! (But that's because they take after their mom....)      :0)

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