Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm so tired. I need to sleep through the night just once (ok - maybe twice). My baby used to be a great sleeper. Hmmm, I wonder who switched out that baby for the one I have right now. This one, he knows just when to wake up so that I get a terrible sleep. I try to outsmart him but it just doesn't work. He's a sneaky little bugger! I go to bed early to try to catch up on my sleep and he wakes me up at midnight. So the next night I wait until midnight to go to bed and he sleeps until 5. Then for the next few nights he consistently wakes up at 5 so my body gets used to this and automatically wakes me up 5-10 minutes before him - as soon as that happens .... he wakes up at 3:30 instead, or 4, or sleeps all night so I'm laying there waiting for him to wake up. Arg!! Like I said - little bugger! Of course though there are those few precious perfect nights where everything works out and I'm in store for some great shut-eye ... don't forget - I have 2 kids. Its those night where it's Kaylee's turn - and she gets it right every time!

Oh wait - I have a husband remember. So it can't be that bad. Surely he must help. Hahahahahaha! NOT! (slowly shaking my head) He sleep through everything at night and then on the weekends he gets to sleep in. Hmmmm .... that's seems fair right?!? Well according to HIM it is because he WORKS!! Wow - thanks for all the support babe! I will remember that! (like FOREVER) That comment will come back when you least expect it and bite you in the butt! Just watch ...

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