Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy weekend ahead

I look back on some of my previous posts ... Wow I'm whiny! As much as it may not reflect it ... I am happy with my life. I have a great husband who really tries hard to help me be happy, a daughter who is going through a tough time right now but she's healthy and overall happy, and the cutest little son ever, who although had a rough start is doing extremely well. I have a beautiful house, 2 nice vehicles, a good job, etc ... I have no real reason to complain. Why is it then that I feel so miserable sometimes? Arg! I need to shape up!! Darned hormones (thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it)!

Speaking of shaping up ... I NEED to start at the gym again! I keep putting it off and I'm never going to get back at it if I keep doing that. We are planning a summer vacation that involves many bathing suits and I don't want to feel self conscious in one. I will just make myself feel terrible if I don't get on this. I should maybe start my diet plan again too. I have 18 or so weeks left of that which is roughly 4 or so months so that would put me at my goal weight just in time for summer. If I wait any longer I will be too late. Ahhhh!!! But I LOVE being lazy and eating junk food... See where my problems lay!

This weekend is Daxon's baptism. It's going to be so busy. I think I forgot to invite just about everyone. There are just a few people coming but enough that it's stressing me out already. I'm making lasagna with homemade noodles, macaroni and potato salads, and buying costco cake (I can only do so much). Ok - I'll start my diet exercise on Monday - lol - see there I go again! I still have to make everything plus need a baptism outfit for Dax. Scott doesn't get it. He thinks we just buy any random white outfit and then wear in on him until he grows out of it. Sheesh - doesn't he know you have to keep it and put it away for when he is older and maybe has a boy of his own. "shaking my head". Luckily my in-laws have offered to have the supper at their house so I don't have to spit shine my house in preparation for company.

Well I guess with all that I have to cook and get ready - I should probably get started. Have a good weekend my blog friends!

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