Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ahhh ... I want spring! Like NOW!! Sometimes I hate living in Saskatchewan. It was beautiful yesterday, +4C. Then it snowed .... like crazy! Now the roads are terrible and I have to shovel again. It woudn't be so bad if it was still nice out but nooooo, It's freezing again today :0( SUCKS! Winter can't possibly last forever, Can it???....

I still haven't heard from my brother about how it's going at home with the new baby. I'm still a little worried but I'm sure all is fine and they just have no extra time now that they have newborn at home with them.

Scott has a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow and Kaylee has her winter break next week so will be home all week! Ahhh! There goes our routine right out the window. LOL. It's all good ... I love my family and am glad that I will get to spend a little extra time with them.

I put one of Dax's pictures in a photo contest. I think this picture is just extra cute!

Just look at those eyelashes! - if you decide you'd like to vote ...

I am part of an online mom's forum and just wanted to say congrats to one very special lady. We started trying for our babies at about the same time and it took me about a year to get pregnant. Now finally after month after month of heartbreaking negative pregnancy tests and many failed fertility treatment cycles she has finally got that precious little bean growing in her belly through her first IVF cycle. I'm so happy for you Sam!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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