Monday, February 28, 2011

Better and a bit of randomness

I'm feeling a bit better now than I did a few days ago when I wrote my last post. Kaylee and I have been butting heads and I'm dealing with some internal struggles that make me a bit of a non-people person right now. I'm pretty ambitious right now in my head but my body is very lazy. I know what I have to do, and what I want to accomplish but it's very hard to get off my butt to actually do any of it.

It's Kaylee's birthday party this weekend! Yay for 10 annoying 8-9 year old kids invading my home and messing it up. Plus, we are having petland come with 10 different animals to show the kids. Great - my allergies will just love that. What we won't do for our children.

Soooo - that means I should be cleaning my house right now. *sigh* I don't wanna! I'm just too lazy. Plus Scott kinda peed me off so maybe if he has to come home to a messy house I'll feel like I stuck it to him somehow. LOL! That's so bad!!

I'm still debating whether we should move or not but I know it's going to be a ton of work. I thought that if the house was a bit less cluttered then it would be easier to move and then the decision whether to move or not would be easier too. I know Scott doesn't want to go anywhere but he doesn't understand how much this house DOES NOT WORK for us as a young family plus ... I've always kinda hated this house. I have some hoarding tendencies and so the house is pretty cluttered in some places. I thought that in exchange for me cleaning the house up, Scott could seriously consider listing the house this summer. He said yes in words but I know him better then that - it was a no :0( That's why I want him to come home to a messy house and realize that it's all his fault for not letting me get my own way. ((yes - that is very childish of me))

I'm gazing out my from window right now and all I see is swirling snow, wind and plain old yuckiness outside. Arg! Why do we have bills that require us to leave our home in this weather. There should be a law against it! It's the end of february. Come on spring ... you can show up anytime now ... we're waiting!

Oh yeah - good news on the job front. I got another raise. Yay! And I didn't even know about it. LOL. That's what I get for being off work for almost a year already. By the time I go back to work in October I will be making almost 9$ an hour more than I did when I left. A little shout out to the union on that one! That's a pretty nice raise if you ask me. It's enough that I'm reconsidering the whole returning to school thing right now. I may just hold off for a bit longer and let things play out.

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