Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daxon's NICU stay Part IV

     Day 9
Daxon bili came up again today so we were in waiting mode at the NICU. They didn't want to send us home with the weekend approaching and the bilirubin continuing to increase. There would have been no way for his levels to be checked on the weekend and they wanted to see them decreasing at least a little before discharge. Dr Sankaran told me that if I could find someone to check his bili levels on Saturday he would let us go home. I tried my family doctor, health nurse and several other doctors and they all told be the same thing. No matter what - the results wouldn't be in until monday. I was pretty upset. I felt like a rabbit with the carrot dangling just out of my reach - you can bring your baby home if you can do this, this and that .... but there was no way to make it happen.
     We just hung out for the day and took it easy.
Daddy holding his little monkey

     Day 10
We went into the NICU this morning just hoping and praying that the bili levels were at least slightly decreased. They were!!Yay! and because Dax was already 9 days old the chances of his levels increasing now that they showed a decrease were very low. It was discharge day with the promise of a doctor's visit on monday and a health nurse visit on Sunday. Everthing was set up, discharge teaching was done and we packed up our baby and out we went to start our adventure with tiny toes!

It was a roller coaster of intense emotions but we got our happy ending and wouldn't change anything!

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