Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nothing new

Well I guess I'm back to my boring old life again. That's ok - I like it.

It's been so cold out that we haven't been going anywhere. It's -32 C this morning. Brrr!! But it's suppose to warm up by this afternoon and get beautiful by the weekend (+1 C - yay!!). There is a winter festival here in the city for the next 2 weeks and it will be really nice to get outside with Daxon. We did venture out to the mall yesterday just to get out of the house. Today, we have a coffee date with a friend and her 9 month old baby. Should be fun. Can't wait to actually have an adult conversation face to face with someone other than my husband.

Back to a post from last week - we never did go out on a "date night" :0( I was sad but issues came up and that's just how life is ... Hopefully this weekend we can. I explained to Scott yesterday that I just want to go out for a meal. No cooking and no cleaning up after. Mmmmm - sounds so nice!

Dax is doing decently on the new milk. He's adjusting and so are we. I think that the hypoallergenic milk really did help his colic because it's back on a bit of a smaller scale now. Plus he is now 3 months old (happy birthday buddy!) which is the magic number for colic to disappear (ok - anytime now please!). I hope he gets better soon as I'm not willing to switch his formula back (the other stuff was gross!!).

Kaylee is doing well. I think she's getting the hang of big sister now and the fact that she has to share me. Hopefully her attitude continues to improve. I've had to break out the 'timeout corner' again and it seems to be effective. I hate to place an 8 year old in timeout but it was getting to the point where we would just yell at each other. I'm trying to put aside some time just for her everyday but that's hard right now because Scott has been working late and Dax has been a little extra cranky. I will continue to try ...

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