Monday, January 17, 2011

Secret's out ... Oops

My bad ... I never told anyone in my personal life (except my babycenter friends - who I adore BTW) about this blog. Well I was "playing with fire" yesterday and though I would type a quick post before Scott woke up but Dax started fussing so I had to leave it suddenly. Of course, I forgot to click out and when Scott got up - he seen it and asked me what it was. I could have lied but really - what's the point. I just write pretty random thoughts and feelings about me and my days. It's just that I wasn't sure if I wanted him to read it yet. Now I know he said he wouldn't read it ... But I were him - I totally would.

So note to Scott - if you do read this and I know you will ... Please let me know. It's ok even though you said you wouldn't. I won't be mad. Deep down I wanted to you to know about it and read it. I've kind of wanted to tell you for a while but didn't know how. Now you know and its ok. I love you :0)

Anyway ...
I think I need to start working out. I didn't really feel all that well over the weekend and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I don't do anything anymore. Before I got pregnant I was working out 3-5 times a week and was on a pretty strict diet. Now I eat every and anything and would probably need to call an ambulance if I tried to jog around the block. I was trying to ask for a refund for the remaining of my weight loss program but it would really be anything so I didn't bother. I'm secretly happy because that program (U-weight loss) worked wonderfully for me when I was doing it. I lost 20 pounds in 7 weeks. It was fanstastic! I'm a little excited to start it again. I really do want to be able to rock a bikini someday (even if its only in my backyard).
I also miss the gym. I felt really good when I was working out. I had more energy and I loved the little bit of "me" time that it gave me. Daxon is almost 3 months old now ... No more excuses! I want to go to Arizona in a few months and I don't want to have major jelly belly like I do now. Yuck! My belly is so gross!!!

My brother and his girlfriend had their baby on the weekend. He's in the NICU right now. He's fine as far as we know. He was delivered in the ambulance on the way to the city from the town they live in. What a rush that would have been!! His name is Jason Paul - and he's soooo tiny 5 lbs 12 oz. That's a whole pound less than Dax was and he was over 3 weeks early. He had some difficulties breathing and now has apnea because they didn't have all the right equipment in the ambulance to help suction him out properly. He's agitated, high pulse rate, high respiratory rate, low oxygen perfusion, shaky, and cries constantly. :0( makes me sad. I really do hope that everything turns out well for little Jason. Please pray for little Jason if that's what you do and if not could you just please think some happy and healing thoughts for him and his future.
What a cute little guy, He even stopped crying long enough
for me to take a few pictures of him! Loves his auntie already!!

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