Monday, January 24, 2011

Sick, sick, sick

I'm really tired of being sick, or my kids being sick, or my husband being sick. This winter has been especially hard on us in the illness department. We even all got the flu shot (except Dax of course but should have gotten the antibodies through my milk).

It all started with that darn flu shot. Kaylee and I got it and a couple days later I got sick. Very sick. The ended up being induced right in the middle of the worst cold of my life. It's so hard to give birth went you have body aches, sore throat, headache, ear ache and can't breathe through your nose. It was not a great experience.

Then Scott got that same cold just days after Daxon's birth and was banned from the NICU. That was sad and made it extra hard on me that I had to spend all that time there by myself. He's had a few since then too and continues to go to work even though he's sick - bad boy!

Kaylee has had 4 colds this winter and has had to miss more school in December/January than she has in all her other school years combined.

Daxon is only 3 months old and he's already had 2 colds. Poor guy. He's a trooper though and doesn't usually seem too bothered by it. Except last night. He was up from 1-4:45. He just has this little cough and when he has a coughing fit - he wakes himself up. Then wakes me up because he wants to be re-wrapped. It was a rough night.

Now - I'm sick again. Thanks a lot Daxon! I'm sure this one is from you - which you got from Kaylee last week, and now I will probably give it to Scott next week ....

The crappy thing about being sick when you are a wife and a mom is that no one really cares how sick you are. You still have all your same responsibilities. Funny thing is ... when they (kids, husband) are sick the whole world revolves around them. That's ok - I wouldn't have it any other way.

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