Saturday, January 15, 2011


I'm in a bit of a pickle. Im fighting with myself over Daxon's formula choices. Our doc says that there probably isn't any reason to be on a hypoallergenic formula like he is right now. But ... He has been good on this formula - sleeps well, doesn't eat too well (it tastes awful), but is still eating enough that he's gaining good weight, he hardly cries and he's a relatively happy baby. The cost is killing us! I know it's worth it if he needs it but we don't know if he really needs it. So the dilemma is whether to try his on a regular milk and see how it goes or just ride it out until he starts solids and then try to switch. Also, if we switch - should it be to a lactose-free or just plain old cow's milk formula.

What to do ... What to do?? Here I am - second guessing myself over and over again. I wish these little guys came with instruction manuals. I don't want to hurt him. Scott probably thinks I am nut because I just can't decide. I make a decision, then change it, and then change it again, then go back to the original decision, then change it again ... etc ... etc ... etc ... Arg!! I hate this!! :0(


  1. could you try half and half? slowly "wean" him to the regular formula?

    What was the initial reason for putting him on the hypoallergenic formula?

    I would be the same way....why change what seems to be working...except for the fact that it is so stinking expensive...

    good luck!

  2. We went half and half for the day today. He's been pretty good. He has a bit of a tummy ache but that's to be expected. He was just put on that formula because he was having a few issues while eating like arching his back, pulling away from the bottle while eating and colic. It been better since we started but we changed a few things all at once so it's hard to know which one/s helped. Hopefully he continues to do well ...