Thursday, January 13, 2011


Daxon has his 2 month immunizations today. A little late, I know. I've been dreading this day for a while now as I will dread the upcoming ones. This one though, is the worst. I hate putting anything unnecessary in my body and especially my children's bodies. It makes me sick to know that I am voluntarily putting 5 viruses into my son today. I know it's for the best, blah, blah, blah... I still hate it (I would hate for him to get whooping cough or measles etc... more). I hope he doesn't get too sick. Kaylee had horrible reactions when she was a baby so I'm a little extra worried. At least that paper about the MMR and autism has been recalled. I never really put too much stock into it but it always sits in the back of my brain.

On another topic, I had a pretty good day yesterday. I had a little "chat" with a very special lady who has tons of faith and I think she may have shared a bit with me yesterday. I needed that. Thank you! You really are a wonderful person. You have no idea how much you lifted up my heart and my spirit.

I think my hubby may take me out somewhere this weekend. I hope so. I'd love to have a date night with him. I miss that. I miss just being happy and carefree. Darn hormones! I hate the way I feel sometimes. I yell more often and can sometimes just be mean. Poor Kaylee. I really need to shape up - She's crafting her future self right now and my behavior will have an impact on that. It makes me sad to know that she's going to remember the way I am right now. I hope that she doesn't look back and think "I'm never going to be like my mom". I'm at a loss right now with how to handle myself. I hope that my good day yesterday is the start of a new trend.

Dax hardly slept past 2 am last night. It sucked. Especially when the past 2 or so weeks he's been sleeping 6-9 hours straight. Tonight will probably be bad too. We'll see. Bring on the Tylenol for my babe and hopefully he won't have the high fevers and febrile seizures Kaylee has after her shots!

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